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Lucius Malfoy
7 July
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Alchemy 'Verse (default)
Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy. This Lucius is the elder brother of Centuria (Malfoy) Black. He's split from Narcissa, though they're trying to keep things civil to raise Draco. He's recently married Lytha Rookwood (onheavywings), and they have a newborn daughter, Atia. After the events of "Deathly Hallows", and the defeat of Voldemort, he finds himself on shaky ground, having ultimately betrayed Voldemort, but uncertain how long he has until the Ministry comes after him.

A Dark Looking Glass 'Verse
In October of 1981, Voldemort succeeded in destroying James and Lily Potter, as well as their infant son, Harry. With no one to stop his rise to power, he swiftly came to rule Britain's wizarding community and is on his way to ruling the world. Lucius Malfoy is his most loyal and trusted companion, currently serving as Minister of Magic. His younger sister is sorciereplatine.

Note: Lucius is happy to play with any/all Dracos and other HP characters, though he will be vague about his personal life unless someone wants to play knowing this Lucius's background.