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Family Dinner, plus Guest
profile, lucius
Lucius wasn't entirely certain that his sister's beau was worthy of entertaining at Malfoy Manor, but he was extremely curious to meet the man he'd heard so little about. He'd told Centuria that dinner was promptly at seven, but knowing her, she'd be "fashionably late" just to rebel.

OOC: Posting order Lucius, Narcissa, Mrs. Malfoy, Teri, "Simon"? Or something? lol.

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She'd dressed rather demurely, wanting to minimise as much of Lucius's snide remarks as she could. This was going to be difficult enough without her usual penchant for ankle-breaking shoes and short skirts. But she'd wanted to be pretty for Sirius, so her white linen dress bore flowers and lace.

Arriving at the Manor, she felt rather like one of the albino show peacocks.

"Simon" was wearing his nicest clothes, which, due to the fact that he wasn't supposed to leave his house, Lucius would never have seen on anyone else. He was also wearing Simon's face, because he knew that there was no way he could step inside Malfoy Manor as himself and make it out in one piece. He'd made sure to drink plenty of Polyjuice before he came, and had some more with him in a flask, so he could slip out and take some more if he needed to.

Greeting their guests, Lucius gave Simon a thorough once-over. He didn't know his sister's "type", though he'd heard something about her liking one of those Weasley parasites. This man somehow didn't seem someone Centuria would be interested in, but that really wasn't up to him to decide . . . as long as his blood and his loyalties were in the right places.

"Welcome to Malfoy Manor," he said.

Narcissa took her husband's arm. Her eyes drifted over her sister-in-law and her beau, silently judging them. Her mouth pursed into a thin line and she raised her head, proudly.

"Centuria, you must introduce your friend."

This was what she had been waiting for ever since her acquaintance had informed her that her daughter was traveling to another country with a man: meeting him to assess how well it would work for their family. The final decision would be Lucius', of course, as head of the family, but he still valued her opinion and would listen to what she had to say.

Teri cleared her throat a bit nervously. "Um. Everyone, this is Simon. Simon, my family. My brother Lucius, his wife Narcissa, and my mother, Adrasteia."

She pulled him forward, feeling awkward. She knew it was Sirius in there, but outwardly he was so different, and it almost made her feel like she was cheating on Sirius. Which, of course, was stupid.

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