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Snake In The Grass
b&w, snake, shadows
Outside the Leaky Cauldron, he lay in wait in the darkness, wand at the ready. It wouldn't be long now before Centuria and her friend emerged, and then he would show the little harlot her place as a Malfoy. He intended to make certain that when they were through, she wouldn't want to so much as think of Black.

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Rabastan waited, rather impatiently, behind Lucius. His mind was elsewhere, as it almost always was. Of course he'd never be asked on any real missions by the Dark Lord. Bella had told Rabastan that his mental state was still trying to find balance after his time in prison. He was certain this was complete rubbish, and the real reason was that the Dark Lord didn't trust him to pull off tasks the exact way he wanted, which was most likely true.

So instead, he was helping Lucius to kidnap Centuria, and put the idiot Black where he belonged. It was a worthy cause, of course, and Rabastan was curious as to what the reward for helping Malfoy would be. Rabastan's hand, damp with sweat, was tight around his wand as they both waited for the young women.

"Constant vigilance" was Alastor Moody's mantra, but it was hard for Teri to keep in mind after a couple of drinks. Laughing at school memories with Lytha, she wrapped her cloak tighter against the chill as they emerged from the pub onto the dark London street. She was looking forward to getting back to Sirius, as much fun as it had been to meet with her friend.

"We should do this more often," she said.

The promises of fire-whiskey and remembrance of better times: There was no better way to celebration good times than having a drink with your best friend. Of course, Lytha was having a difficult time enjoying it.

For she knew tonight’s festivities were doomed. Dampened by the sole knowledge that once the two witches retreated from the golden glow of the Leaky Cauldron where life was good and continued on as it should, not but a few steps away lurked the dark swift things who would bring down the thin veneer of pleasant company in one violent moment. She wasn't betraying Centuria, Lytha reminded herself, she was saving a friend.

"Yes, we must do this again under better circumstances."

And there they were.

Lucius stepped from the shadows, the sound making his sister turn. Before she could react, he said, "Obscuro." A moment later, he followed it with, "Petrificus totalis."

His sister, now blindfolded, toppled over. He caught her with a wave of his wand before she hit the pavement, and levitated her up.

"Come along, then," he said to the others, and Apparated with Centuria back to Malfoy Manor.

Rabastan popped back to the Manor, as well. His eyes fell on the petrified, blinded folded woman, then scanned the room until they met Lytha.

"That was easy, haaa!" he laughed, immediately reaching up to twist a finger through his already mussed hair.

Teri could hear voices, and thought one sounded like Rabastan, but she couldn't move, and couldn't see.

Despite knowing Lucius and Rabastan would be waiting there hadn’t made the words or the moment any less surprising in the dead of the London night. She had nearly forgotten how fast they were.

The disquieting moment had passed before the younger witch had followed suit, apparating back to the place she concerned a second home. Handing the discarded robes to the house elf, Lytha could hardly deny sharing in Rabastan’s contagious thrill. It was a good job well done on all parts. They should feel exceedingly pleased.

But in as quickly as the exhilaration had come it was gone; instead, tempered by a genuine concern for a petrified friend and the promise of things yet to come. "You didn't hurt her did you, Lucius," she queried and passed a stern eye over the motionless witch. This was for her own good.

"She'll be fine, it's a simple body bind," Lucius said dismissively. "Hmm. Where to put her? I think, to begin her lesson, we'll put her downstairs."

Dowstairs, of course, was his euphemism for the dungeon.

Rabastan had a wide grin on his face when Lucius mentioned the 'downstairs.'

"What's the plan, Lucius? What do you think will get her to cave?" Rabastan's questions were eager and a bit louder than he had intended. He hadn't tortured in ages, and this seemed the perfect way to start. There was a part of him that really wanted to make Centuria scream, but he was sure Lucius wouldn't care for it getting that far.

Sidewinding eyes slid from the blond and cut into the grinning Death Eater. The words were not lost on her. While Lytha had never shied away from pain before; prone and postured for a well-deserved beating Centuria may be, Lytha wasn’t about to roll over and let a mad dog like Rabastan have his day just yet.

"Cave to what exactly, Rabastan? We know who and what she has been aiding and imbetting. The only real matter is where is he now?" This was Black’s fault, she anger spoke. If he hadn’t come along and lead Centuria astray, she wouldn’t have to suffer needlessly so like a filthy mudblood. It was his fault, and he would damn well share it.

Lucius also turned his gaze towards Lestrange. "You can use your talents to their fullest extent on Black, when we find him. As for Centuria, a little deprivation will likely go a long way. I would, however, like you to keep an eye on her. I'm not certain how much magic she's capable of without her wand."

He levitated his sister's prone form down the stairs and secured her physical bindings before releasing the spells. He also gave her a good whack to the side of the head with his cane, to ensure that she wouldn't wake for a while. She'd havea headache, but that would go towards making her more docile.

Rabastan followed, listening to Lucius, "I can do that. She won't get past me. I won't let her move an inch."

He watched as the man smacked his sister with his cane, not hiding his pleasure at the sound. This was absolutely perfect. He'd have her all to himself.

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