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Journal Entry: Thoughts On Voldemort, circa DH
profile, lucius
I suppose I thought it would be like the Old Days. But this is nothing like I remembered. A prisoner, me, in my own home! He's taken my wand and intends to kill the boy with it. I suppose that if he succeeds, it won't matter whose wand did the deed, but if he fails?

What a thought. I admit a secret thrill when it crossed my mind, but I cannot let it linger. He reads minds, and if he knew that I had the slightest hesitation . . . But he does know, doesn't he? I'm hardly successful at hiding my fear of him these days. My blood turns to ice when he draws near. I care barely speak when he asks me to. He's punishing me for my failures, and I'm not even man enough to stand up to him.

I can't stand up to him. I have my family to think of. I have nightmares of what he'll do to my wife, to my son, if I fail him again.

Merlin's beard. How did it come to this?

Snake In The Grass
b&w, snake, shadows
Outside the Leaky Cauldron, he lay in wait in the darkness, wand at the ready. It wouldn't be long now before Centuria and her friend emerged, and then he would show the little harlot her place as a Malfoy. He intended to make certain that when they were through, she wouldn't want to so much as think of Black.

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fight, flying hair, pissed


Family Dinner, plus Guest
profile, lucius
Lucius wasn't entirely certain that his sister's beau was worthy of entertaining at Malfoy Manor, but he was extremely curious to meet the man he'd heard so little about. He'd told Centuria that dinner was promptly at seven, but knowing her, she'd be "fashionably late" just to rebel.

OOC: Posting order Lucius, Narcissa, Mrs. Malfoy, Teri, "Simon"? Or something? lol.