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Family Dinner, plus Guest
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Lucius wasn't entirely certain that his sister's beau was worthy of entertaining at Malfoy Manor, but he was extremely curious to meet the man he'd heard so little about. He'd told Centuria that dinner was promptly at seven, but knowing her, she'd be "fashionably late" just to rebel.

OOC: Posting order Lucius, Narcissa, Mrs. Malfoy, Teri, "Simon"? Or something? lol.

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Teri cleared her throat a bit nervously. "Um. Everyone, this is Simon. Simon, my family. My brother Lucius, his wife Narcissa, and my mother, Adrasteia."

She pulled him forward, feeling awkward. She knew it was Sirius in there, but outwardly he was so different, and it almost made her feel like she was cheating on Sirius. Which, of course, was stupid.

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